Betekenis van:
act on

to act on
    • carry further or advance
    "Can you act on this matter soon?"




    to act on
      • regulate one's behavior in accordance with certain information, ideas, or advice



      1. Acids act on metals.
      2. Animals act on instinct.
      3. I'll act on your advice.
      4. Stop putting on an act.
      5. These pills act on the liver.
      6. Acids act on many things including metals.
      7. These pills act on the heart.
      8. You should act on your teacher's advice.
      9. I will act on your advice.
      10. He put on a suicide act.
      11. Does the medicine act on the stomach?
      12. He is putting on an act for you.
      13. The president urged employees to act on their initiative.
      14. Many were eager to get in on the act.
      15. The act ended and the lights were turned on.