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action potential

action potential
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    • the local voltage change across the cell wall as a nerve impulse is transmitted



    1. produce potential national action plans;
    2. Second action line: Strengthening potential, broadening horizons
    3. ‘Preventive action’ means action to eliminate the cause of a potential non-conformity or other undesirable situation.
    4. That action plan identified the significant potential for cost-effective energy savings in the buildings sector.
    5. Information on mode of action can be a very valuable tool in identifying potential risks.
    6. means action to eliminate the cause of a potential non-conformity or other undesirable situation.
    7. The organisation shall establish, implement and maintain a procedure(s) for dealing with actual and potential non-conformity(ies) and for taking corrective action and preventive action.
    8. the values and concepts of the exposure limit values and action values and the associated potential risks;
    9. Reference may also be made to a chapter on cogeneration in the European Commission Action Plan for Energy Efficiency: Realising the Potential [20].
    10. This could encourage private investors’ confidence by improving understanding of the industry’s potential. This also makes it easier for Community action to be evaluated and followed up.
    11. The preventive and remedial action may include interim protective measures when the potential threat to safety or the environment is immediate.
    12. The programme shall support notably action in the following areas:(a) scriptwriting techniques with the aim of increasing the quality of European audiovisual works and their potential circulation;
    13. In order to support the realisation of the full research potential of the enlarged Union, a dedicated action will seek to unlock the potential of research groups, in particular in the convergence regions and outermost regions of the European Union, that are currently not using their possibilities to the full or that are in need of new knowledge and support to exploit their potential.
    14. The Seed Capital Action shall provide grants to stimulate the supply of venture capital for innovative SMEs and other SMEs with growth potential, including those in the traditional economy, through support for seed and start-up funds or similar organisations.
    15. The potential in the field of crime statistics will be further explored in accordance with the EU Action Plan 2006 to 2010 on developing a coherent and comprehensive framework to measure crime and criminal justice.