Betekenis van:
actual possession

actual possession
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • (law) immediate and direct physical control over property



    1. the mean date, or actual dates, on which the buyer is to take physical possession of the goods in his own country.
    2. Considering the aforementioned points, the Commission notes that information in its possession shows that KWW had received EUR 262,037 million (DEM 512,5 million) aid for loss compensation during restructuring, whereas the actual losses during the restructuring only amounted to EUR 206,613 million (DEM 404,101 million).
    3. In the absence of further explanations by KWW or by Germany on the actual use of the remaining EUR 55,423 million (DEM 108,399 million) and according to the information in its possession, the Commission concludes that the aid of EUR 55,423 million (DEM 108,399 million) was not used for the purposes for which it was approved by the Commission.