Betekenis van:
administrative body


  1. ‘administrative omission’ means any failure of a Community institution or body to adopt an administrative act as defined in (g).
  2. Enova is a new administrative body, organised as a state enterprise (statsforetak, SF) [13].
  3. Eligible costs may include personnel and administrative costs incurred by the National Implementing Body.
  4. names and business addresses of all members of the administrative or management body;
  5. It will be paid by La Poste to an administrative public body.
  6. the administration of the Energy Fund by the newly established administrative body Enova.
  7. ‘Director’ means any member of any administrative, managerial or supervisory body of a company.
  8. revised claim on the decision of an administrative body or a court of 20YY/MM/DD.
  9. can appoint more than half of the members of that undertaking’s administrative, management or supervisory body.
  10. can appoint more than half of the members of the undertaking's administrative, managerial or supervisory body;
  11. Administrative acts and administrative omissions shall not include measures taken or omissions by a Community institution or body in its capacity as an administrative review body, such as under:
  12. This shall occur at the latest when the management and/or the competent administrative body of the transmission system operator submits them to the Supervisory Body.
  13. Each Member State shall appoint a national coordination body, or an equivalent administrative body, responsible for organising that Member State's participation in the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue.
  14. Please indicate the Administrative body (Name, address, contact person, E-mail) in charge of coordinating the answers to this questionnaire.
  15. c the claim(s) has (have) been annulled by a national court or by an administrative body.