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Bijvoeglijk naamwoord
  • niet te duur
  • that you have the financial means for




  1. I just want an affordable place to live.
  2. There is an urgent need for affordable housing.
  3. The real name of Obamacare is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
  4. Fifteen per cent of the housing will be affordable, so that low-income families will be able to buy or rent homes in the area.
  5. I hope you can join us at these very important July DCA meetings and complement your stay by exploring some of the many affordable charms of Tokyo.
  6. Suitable care services for children are not available or affordable
  7. efficient and affordable means to enforce intellectual property rights.
  8. the impact of the implementation of the target on the availability of foodstuffs at affordable prices;
  9. Energy research is an important contribution towards ensuring affordable energy costs for our citizens and industries.
  10. Suitable care services for both children and ill, disabled and elderly are not available or affordable.
  11. ensuring the competitiveness of European economies and the availability of affordable energy,
  12. Suitable care services for ill, disabled, elderly are not available or affordable
  13. This implies well-functioning financial and product markets as well as efficient and affordable means to enforce intellectual property rights.
  14. The secure supply of affordable energy commodities in an environmentally friendly manner constitutes the essence of the EU energy policy.
  15. The satisfactory delivery of high quality services of general economic interest at an affordable price must be guaranteed.