Betekenis van:
and then

and then
    • subsequently or soon afterward (often used as sentence connectors)
    "we watched the late movie and then went to bed"



    1. And then?
    2. And then what happened?
    3. See Naples and then die.
    4. First thrive and then wive.
    5. And if so, what then?
    6. So, straight, then to the right, and then?
    7. And then, what did you do?
    8. First thrive and then take a wife.
    9. There's coffee, and then there's COFFEE.
    10. I watch TV now and then.
    11. I feel sad every now and then.
    12. Leaves fell down every now and then.
    13. And then he sat down himself.
    14. He ate one bite, and then another.
    15. Now and then she plays tennis.