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ask over

to ask over
    • invite someone to one's house




    1. Ask at the police station over there.
    2. Ask at the police box over there.
    3. You can ask the child who's playing over there.
    4. You can ask the child that is playing over there.
    5. I'll get in touch with Jim and ask him to come over.
    6. Tom's mother told him that he should ask Mary over for dinner.
    7. Don't ask the same thing over and over again. I explained it properly to you already. It's getting tedious.
    8. I wanted to ask Tom to come over to help me paint the ceiling.
    9. I guess I could call Tom and ask him to come over and help.
    10. I have no idea, I'm not so well up on that kind of matters. You'd better ask that gentleman over there.
    11. The counter staff will ask the customer to fill in some forms, will enter the customer’s name on the certificates, and will hand over the certificates to the customer.