Betekenis van:

Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • verkleuring
  • weakening in force or intensity
"attenuation in the volume of the sound"



Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • the property of something that has been weakened or reduced in thickness or density



    1. For a Butterworth filter the attenuation is given by: A2
    2. For a Butterworth filter the attenuation is given by:
    3. ADAM, beta ray attenuation, sequential, from OPSIS, Sweden,
    4. FH 62 I-R, beta ray attenuation, filter tape, from ESM Andersen Company, Germany,
    5. BAM 1020, beta ray attenuation, filter tape, from Met One, United States of America,
    6. For live attenuated vaccines, proof of the stability of the attenuation characteristics of the seed has to be given.
    7. For 0,05 % resolution the filter attenuation shall be less than 0,05 % in the frequency range between 0 and 30 Hz, and the attenuation shall be greater than 99,95 % at all frequencies greater than one-half the sampling frequency.
    8. Preparation of analogue signals includes consideration of filter amplitude attenuation and sampling rate to avoid aliasing errors, and filter phase lags and time delays.
    9. ‘indoors’ means inside buildings or places in which the shielding will typically provide the necessary attenuation to protect radiocommunication services against harmful interference;
    10. Considerations for additional phaseless digital filtering include selection of pass bands and stop bands and the attenuation and allowable ripple in each; and correction of filter phase lags.
    11. Other methods, such as the beta ray attenuation method and the tapered element oscillating microbalance (TEOM), are currently tested for equivalence with the gravimetric method by CEN WG15.
    12. within the relevant frequency range of 0 Hz to fmax = 30 Hz the attenuation is less than the resolution of the data acquisition system; and
    13. In addition, CEN is also testing a number of automated measurement devices, based on the beta ray attenuation method and the tapered element oscillating microbalance (TEOM), to develop test procedures for equivalency with the reference gravimetric method:
    14. Tank Level Probing Radars (TLPR) are a specific type of radiodetermination application, which are used for tank level measurements and are installed in metallic or reinforced concrete tanks, or similar structures made of material with comparable attenuation characteristics.
    15. Services for manipulating data values in images: changing colour and contrast values, applying various filters, manipulating image resolution, noise removal, ‘striping’, systematic-radiometric corrections, atmospheric attenuation, changes in scene illumination, etc.