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authority figure

authority figure
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • someone who is regarded as an authority by someone else



    1. For vehicles designed for use with a centre of gravity lower than 1,7 metres, the test may, at the discretion of the approval authority, be conducted at the lower figure.
    2. The throughput figure of 500 consignments per year of products should nevertheless be taken as an indicative figure above which additional facilities will be required in a border inspection post unless an objective assessment by the competent authority of the different types of product being handled in the one location shows that additional facilities are not justified on the basis of possible cross contamination or risk to health.
    3. It is, however, uncertain how Austria arrives at a figure of EUR 247 million. In its judgment in Hytasa [8], the European Court of Justice ruled that ‘a distinction must be drawn between the obligations which the State must assume as owner of the share capital of a company and its obligations as a public authority’.
    4. At present there is a requirement for additional facilities in a border inspection post if the throughput of consignments rises above the figure of 500 per year, but this figure is not based upon risk and this absolute cut-off point should be replaced by a more appropriate system based upon an assessment by the competent authority of the Member State concerned, of the risk associated with handling of different categories of product in the same facility where one or other category of product is in fact only physically handled and checked on infrequent occasions.
    5. for policies on which the capital at risk is not a negative figure, a 0,3 % fraction of such capital underwritten by the assurance undertaking shall be multiplied by the ratio, for the last financial year, of the total capital at risk retained as the undertaking's liability after reinsurance cessions and retrocessions to the total capital at risk gross of reinsurance; that ratio may in no case be less than 50 %. Upon application, with supporting evidence, by the insurance undertaking to the competent authority of the home Member State and with the agreement of that authority, amounts recoverable from the special purpose vehicles referred to in Article 46 of Directive 2005/68/EC may be deducted as reassurance.’