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b battery

b battery
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • battery for supplying a constant positive voltage to the plate of a vacuum tube



    1. emergency lighting: 1. at every assembly or embarkation station and over the sides; 2. in all alleyways, stairways and exits giving access to the assembly or embarkation stations; 3. in the machinery spaces, and in the place where the emergency generator is situated; 4. in the control stations where radio and main navigating equipment are situated; 5. as required in Regulations II-2/B/ and II-2/B/6.1.7; 6. at all stowage positions for firefighters' outfits; 7. at the emergency bilge pump and one of the fire pumps, referred to in subparagraph (a), and at the starting position of their motors; (c) the ship's navigation lights; (d) 1. all communication equipment, 2. the general alarm system, 3. the fire detecting system, and 4. all signals which may be required in an emergency, if they are electrically operated from the ship's main generating sets; (e) the ship's sprinkler pump, if any and if it is electrically operated; and (f) the ship's daylight signalling lamp, if it is operated by the ship's main source of electric power; .3 be capable to operate, for a period of half an hour, the power-operated watertight doors together with the associated control, indication and alarm circuits. .6 The transitional source of emergency electrical power required by paragraph .2 shall consist of an accumulator battery suitably located for the use in an emergency which shall operate without recharging or suffering an excessive voltage drop for half an hour: (a) the lighting required by paragraph .2(b)1 of this regulation;