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bedding material

bedding material
Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • zwerfafval, zwerfvuil
  • material used to provide a bed for animals




  1. Flooring, substrate, litter, bedding and nesting material
  2. Substrate, litter, bedding and nesting material
  3. Bedding material is required for all ferrets.
  4. These beds should contain bedding material such as polyester fleece or similar bedding material.
  5. Sufficient beds should be provided for all cats and should be made of a suitable easy to clean material. These beds should contain bedding material such as polyester fleece or similar bedding material.
  6. Articles of bedding and similar furnishing which are internally fitted with any material are to be classified in heading 9404.
  7. Feed and bedding material used in the animal production unit shall be frequently changed and not allowed to become mouldy.
  8. Ample dry bedding strewn with litter material shall be provided in the rest area. The litter shall comprise straw or other suitable natural material.
  9. Bedding material shall be removed when a consignment of animals is moved from an enclosure and, after the cleansing and disinfecting operations provided for in point 1(c), shall be replaced by fresh bedding.
  10. Articles of bedding and similar furnishings (quilts, eiderdowns, cushions, pouffes and pillows) fitted with other material than feathers whether or not covered (CN code 94049090).
  11. Users, mainly bedding and upholstering material manufacturers fear serious shortages, in particular for the following fibres used in the non-woven industry [3]:
  12. Peri-parturient and suckling bitches should be provided with a bed and bedding material to support whelping and the nursing of puppies.
  13. Alternatively, they may be kept in an enclosure with different microclimates, by providing localised heating or kennelling of the lying area and provision of adequate bedding material.
  14. vehicles and equipment used for transporting live poultry or other captive birds, meat, feed, manure, slurry and bedding and any other material or substances likely to be contaminated, undergo cleaning and disinfection with instructions given by the official veterinarian;
  15. Bedding and nesting material and refuges are very important resources for rodents in breeding, stock or under procedure and should be provided unless there is a justification on veterinary or welfare grounds against doing so.