Betekenis van:

Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a mountain or tall hill
    "they were climbing the ben"



    1. You wash the dishes, Ben.
    2. The lawyer was expecting Ben.
    3. Ben put his hands in his pockets.
    4. Is that boy Tom or Ben?
    5. Ben was believed to be a criminal.
    6. Ben, if anything, was a sensible man.
    7. I met Ben at the hotel yesterday.
    8. Ben, if anything, is a sensible man.
    9. This is the bell called Big Ben.
    10. Who is heavier, Ben or Mike?
    11. He acquired some knowledge about Ben.
    12. Ben represents the engine of the story.
    13. Ben decided to tell the lawyer everything he knew.
    14. Ben learned to make a fire without matches.
    15. Ben is not as young as he looks.