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bilateral contract

bilateral contract
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a contract involving mutual promises (each party is both promisor and promisee)



    1. As shown in recital 157, Alcoa established a bilateral contract with ENEL for a nominal price roughly equivalent to the standard high-voltage tariff charged by the utility.
    2. In addition to this financing provided by the shareholders when the investment contract was signed in December 2003, TVO arranged a credit facility with a syndicate of international banks and a series of bilateral loans.
    3. In addition, the draft SPA attached to the presentation file was only indicative and so potential bidders could have understood that the individual terms of the contract could be subject to bilateral negotiations.
    4. In 2002, Alcoa concluded a bilateral contract with ENEL at a nominal price corresponding approximately to the standard tariff charged by the utility for the supply of high-voltage electricity.
    5. However, in competitive market conditions, the existence of standardised power exchanges and OTC trading necessarily influence such transactions, as a generator or importer would not agree to engage in a bespoke bilateral contract that would offer clearly worse conditions than a standardised spot or forward contract.
    6. bilateral contracts for novation between a credit institution and its counterparty under which mutual claims and obligations are automatically amalgamated in such a way that this novation fixes one single net amount each time novation applies and thus creates a legally binding, single new contract extinguishing former contracts,