Betekenis van:

Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a South African movie theater


    Zelfstandig naamwoord
      • a kind of early movie projector



      1. The Bioscope theme park project
      2. Moreover, in Germany, only Europa-Park is less than three hours’ drive from Bioscope.
      3. The Bioscope theme park project was launched in 1994 by the region of Alsace.
      4. The Commission recognises that Bioscope offers very different activities from traditional theme parks.
      5. As regards France, where Bioscope is located, the sector has particularly high growth figures.
      6. Applying this average multiple to Bioscope values it at EUR [15-20]* million [15].
      7. As a preliminary observation, France considers that Bioscope does not exercise an economic activity.
      8. It would draw the Commission’s attention to the very specific nature of Bioscope.
      9. France recalls the numerous positive effects on the local economy that it ascribes to Bioscope.
      10. Rather than a theme park, Bioscope should be considered as an alternative form of museum.
      11. It claims that very few tourist products could replace that offered by Bioscope.
      12. By letter of 27 March 2001, registered as received on 28 March, a complaint was sent to the Commission regarding possible State aid for the Bioscope theme park (hereinafter Bioscope) in Alsace, France.
      13. A visit to a traditional theme park is therefore not an identical alternative to a visit to Bioscope, and this certainly means a very significant reduction in the number of visitors that Bioscope is likely to attract from other parks.
      14. The regional authorities chose to operate Bioscope in accordance with the legal principle of public-service delegation [4].
      15. It should also be noted that this grant is the State’s only participation in the investments in Bioscope.