Betekenis van:
building site

building site
Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • terrein om te bebouwen; bouwterrein
  • a lot on which there are no permanent buildings





  1. I work on a building site.
  2. The proposed building site has yet to be approved by the city council.
  3. The eternal city - that's Rome; the perpetual building site - that's Berlin.
  4. building site drainage.
  5. The ‘Building’ column should include a building number or other designation that provides an unambiguous identification of the building on the schematic map of the site.
  6. A separate entry should be made for each building on the site.
  7. Although the site declaration in line with Annex II to Regulation (Euratom) No 302/2005 [4] requests the description of every building on a site, the guidelines for reporting (see footnote) allow a site to consist of a single room.
  8. The site boundary definition in turn has a direct influence on the Agency's far-reaching complementary access rights, which allow access to every building on a site and in principle every location inside a building with often very short notice of only two hours (only in combination with a routine safeguards inspection at the site).
  9. As an example, a grant of land may be conditional upon the erection of a building on the site and it may be appropriate to recognise the grant in profit or loss over the life of the building.
  10. The Herlitz Group built an office building and a production plant designed to meet the group’s needs on the Berlin-Tegel site.
  11. ‘nearly zero-energy building’ means a building that has a very high energy performance, as determined in accordance with Annex I. The nearly zero or very low amount of energy required should be covered to a very significant extent by energy from renewable sources, including energy from renewable sources produced on-site or nearby; 3. ‘technical building system’ means technical equipment for the heating, cooling, ventilation, hot water, lighting or for a combination thereof, of a building or building unit;
  12. full check of the input data of the building used to issue the energy performance certificate, full verification of the results stated in the certificate, including the recommendations made, and on-site visit of the building, if possible, to check correspondence between specifications given in the energy performance certificate and the building certified.
  13. According to the GEPVP, 80 % of European float glass production is intended for the building industry. The investors will manufacture only glass for buildings at the Freyming-Merlebach site.
  14. Corresponding to Article 2a(iii) of the additional protocol ‘A general description of each building on a site, including its use and, if not apparent from this description, its contents…’
  15. It may not always be obvious to understand why a certain building is not included in the formal site boundary when it is located in the vicinity of an installation.