Betekenis van:
bus route

bus route
Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • route van busdienst
  • the route regularly followed by a passenger bus



  1. May I have a bus route map?
  2. I'd like a bus route map.
  3. The city expanded the bus route 10Km further.
  4. Carriers operating regular domestic bus transport for the public on the territory of the Slovak Republic, or on the part of the territory of the foreign state as well, or on determined part of the territory of the Slovak Republic on basis of the permission to operate the bus transport and on basis of the transport licence for specific route, which are granted pursuant to Act No. 168/1996 Coll. in wording of Acts No. 386/1996 Coll., No. 58/1997 Coll., No. 340/2000 Coll., No. 416/2001 Coll., No. 506/2002 Coll., No. 534/2003 Coll. and No. 114/2004 Coll.