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buy back

to buy back
    • buy what had previously been sold, lost, or given away





    1. I want to buy my bike back.
    2. I want to buy my house back.
    3. I want to buy my car back.
    4. It cost him five pounds to buy it back.
    5. No man is rich enough to buy back his own past.
    6. No one is rich enough to buy back his own past.
    7. Repurchase, reverse repurchase, buy/sell-back and sell/buy-back operations involving the foreign reserve assets of the ECB shall be documented using the following standard agreements:
    8. ‘securities financing transaction’ means an instance of stock lending or stock borrowing or the lending or borrowing of other financial instruments, a repurchase or reverse repurchase transaction, or a buy-sell back or sell-buy back transaction.
    9. Farmers who have participated in the tobacco quota buy-back scheme according to Regulation (EEC) No 2075/92 shall be entitled to either the single payment or the quota buy-back price.
    10. With regard to BAV’s 30 % stake in BFH, LfA will buy it back from BAV for EUR 15000.
    11. Moreover, as the investments concerned the leased property, its buy-back could be seen as part of the restructuring.
    12. The buy-back of hybrids, leading to an estimated positive impact on KBC’s core capital of EUR […] million.
    13. The CSC decided only whether all legal requirements for the tender offer to buy back the companys shares and for the expert valuation report were satisfied.
    14. amending Regulation (EC) No 2848/98 laying down detailed rules for the application of the quota buy-back programme in the raw tobacco sector
    15. Moreover, with a view to the implementation of the single payment scheme, the payment period for the buy-back price should be kept to a minimum.