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Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • navigation in coastal waters


    Zelfstandig naamwoord
      • the exclusive right of a country to control the air traffic within its borders



      1. Total cabotage
      2. The cabotage connections
      3. Passenger transportation (less cabotage) (CPC 7211)
      4. Freight transportation (less cabotage) (CPC 7212)
      5. Cabotage connections with the minor Italian islands
      6. Rental of vessels with crew (less cabotage) (CPC 7213)
      7. Lastly, Adriatica provides freight services to and from Sicily on the following cabotage routes:
      8. the panel of five companies used by the French authorities is not sufficiently representative of the maritime cabotage sector,
      9. Activities on routes exclusively within Poland (cabotage) are thus not eligible for tonnage tax under the current Tonnage Tax Act.
      10. On this point, as regards the cabotage connections on which the regional companies face competition from private operators, the information supplied by the Italian authorities shows that at the time the cabotage market was liberalised:
      11. Also, even before the cabotage market was liberalised, operators from the other Member States were free to exercise their right of establishment and provide cabotage services using ships flying the Italian flag.
      12. each of these companies operates solely in one clearly defined segment of the cabotage market with the Mediterranean islands,
      13. The fact that the cabotage market to the Mediterranean islands was, until 1 January 1999, temporarily exempt from the application of Council Regulation (EEC) No 3577/92 of 7 December 1992 applying the principle of freedom to provide services to maritime transport within Member States (maritime cabotage) does not exclude prima facie that subsidies granted for operating cabotage routes to the Mediterranean islands under a public service delegation could have an effect on trade between Member States and distort competition.
      14. Toremar only operates on the maritime cabotage routes between the mainland and the Tuscan islands (Elba, Gorgona, Capraia, Pianosa and Giglio).
      15. On the market in freight cabotage with Sicily, there is competition from other Italian operators on two routes, namely Genoa/Termini Imerese [10] and Ravenna/Catania.