Betekenis van:
call into question

to call into question
    • challenge the accuracy, probity, or propriety of




    1. The Commission has no cause to call into question that part of the aid as applied.
    2. The committee will not call into question the scientific judgement of appropriately qualified panels of experts.
    3. It could even call into question the cost-effectiveness of full agricultural censuses.
    4. The difference is not such as to call into question the compensation mechanism presented by France.
    5. No new element has been put forward that could call into question this initial assessment.
    6. The mere fact of being publicly owned did not call into question the possibility and value of restructuring the group.
    7. Furthermore, they do not call into question that Chinese imports are dumped and causing injury to the Community industry.
    8. (The Court’s judgment did not call into question the Commission’s conclusion that the aid was compatible with the common market).
    9. Other information included in labels should be limited to a minimum and should not call into question the main elements.
    10. Accordingly, it should be ascertained whether there are any new elements that call the preliminary analysis into question.
    11. The Commission does not call into question that the digitisation of broadcasting transmission is in the public interest.
    12. The Commission does not intend to call into question the compliance of the attribution procedure with the relevant national requirements.
    13. This would only be a ‘guesstimate’, however, which could be severely criticised and thus call the entire risk assessment into question.
    14. According to France, the observations of CFF and STIM do not call into question the applicability to the present case of the first and second Altmark conditions.
    15. This Article shall not call into question the allocation of the competences, at local or regional level, of the Member States' authorities granting authorisations.