Betekenis van:

Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • terrein v.d. universiteit
  • a field on which the buildings of a university are situated



  1. What a beautiful campus!
  2. He lives off campus.
  3. I'm on campus at the moment.
  4. They were chatting on the campus.
  5. Our university has a beautiful campus.
  6. She showed me around the campus.
  7. I met her on campus yesterday.
  8. No alcohol is allowed on campus.
  9. Could you show me the campus?
  10. I took him to the most expensive restaurant on campus.
  11. My school is getting ready for the campus music festival.
  12. The school does not allow students to smoke on campus.
  13. Is it OK to drink beer on your university campus?
  14. We met in a coffee shop near the campus.
  15. The Students' Union runs a bar on campus.