Betekenis van:
case in point

case in point
Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • iemands voorgeschiedenis; SJF taalkunde
  • an example that is used to justify similar occurrences at a later time




  1. I think this is a case in point.
  2. I believe this is a case in point.
  3. Complete only in the case indicated at point 5.2.
  4. In such case, point 1 shall apply mutatis mutandis.
  5. contact point for DG TREN in case of questions.
  6. Case 277/00 SMI [2004] ECR I - 4355 point 86, read in conjunction with point 92.
  7. In this case, the value of m1 in point is equal to 0.
  8. in the case referred to in point (a) of paragraph 1:
  9. in the case referred to in point (c) of paragraph 1:
  10. In the case in point, these services were provided by non-profit making bodies.
  11. The Commission finds that in the case in point these conditions are not satisfied.
  12. In that case, the period referred to in point (b) may be prolonged for 30 days.
  13. in the case referred to in point (b) of paragraph 1:
  14. In the case in point, however, genuine restructuring efforts bringing long-term effects have been limited.
  15. On the contrary, the case in point involves a reduction applicable solely in Gibraltar.