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    • a federal agency in the Department of Health and Human Services; located in Atlanta; investigates and diagnoses and tries to control or prevent diseases (especially new and unusual diseases)




    1. For a case concerning a guarantee provided by the mother company, see Guarantee of CDC to CDC IXIS, decision of 17 January 2003, aid 50/01.
    2. the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (CDC) group invested EUR 1,71 billion in Dexia SA,
    3. See the appropriate measures addressed to France in Case E 50/2001, CDC IXIS.
    4. For a case concerning a guarantee provided by the mother company, see Guarantee of CDC to its subsidiary CDC IXIS: decisions of 21 January 2003 and 30 April 2003 on aid E 50/01 (OJ C 154, 2.7.2003, p. 13).
    5. The Commission considers, moreover, that in the specific circumstances of the case, the behaviour of CDC and Holding Communal can also be attributed to the State.
    6. There is therefore reason to consider that the capital injections granted by CDC and Holding Communal are imputable to their respective Member States.
    7. See also E8/2005 Spanish national public broadcaster RTVE (OJ C 239, 4.10.2006, p. 17; E50/2001 — Garantie accordée par CDC à sa filiale CDC Ixis (OJ C 154, 02.07,2003, p13); E10/2000 — State guarantees for public banks in Germany (Anstaltslast und Gewährträgerhaftung) — OJ C 150, 22.6.2002, p. 7).
    8. In conclusion, the Commission considers that the capital injection by CDC and Holding Communal therefore constitutes an element of the aid received by Dexia, within the meaning of Article 107(1) TFEU.
    9. It should be noted as regards this latter measure that the part underwritten by the CDC was underwritten at the request of the state and is therefore attributable to it, a fact which France has never disputed.
    10. See also Commission Decision 94/662/EC of 27 July 1994 concerning the subscription by CDC Participations to bonds issued by Air France (OJ L 258, 6.10.1994, p. 26).
    11. The concomitance of these interventions in combination with the elements referred to above make it unlikely that the public authorities were not involved in the decisions of CDC and Holding Communal to participate in the Dexia capital increase.
    12. Furthermore, all the measures taken are financed by the state or by bodies controlled by the state, and/or whose conduct in the present context is quite clearly attributable to the state, such as the CDC [23] and the CFDI.
    13. CDC is a public undertaking, placed by the French Finance Act of 28 April 1816 under the supervision and guarantee of the legislature, which carries out general interest missions (financing of public services bodies, in particular), is governed by statutory and regulatory rules and its director-general and senior directors are appointed by the President of the French Republic and the French Government [31]; at the time the events took place and by way of derogation from ordinary law, CDC was not subject to the supervision of the Commission bancaire or the Agence des Participations de l’Etat, or to the company tax law granting a ‘voluntary contribution’ to the Treasury,
    14. The request by France by letter of 23 February 2007 (SG/CDC/2007/A/1821) to further limit the emission powers for the use of the 865,6-867,6 MHz frequency band for radio frequency identification devices (RFID) operating on the territory of France, as a derogation to Decision 2006/804/EC, is hereby approved, subject to the conditions laid down in this Decision.
    15. The Member States concerned emphasised that they had played no part in the decision by CDC, CNP Assurances, Holding Communal, Ethias and Arcofin to participate in the capital increase which, furthermore, in the case of Arcofin and Ethias, was not financed through State resources.