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check character

check character
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a character that is added to the end of a block of transmitted data and used to check the accuracy of the transmission



    1. Check Character Look-up Table
    2. Calculation of Alpha-numeric Check Character
    3. Appendix 2 Calculation of Alpha-Numeric Check Character
    4. the minimum requirements and procedures to check the specific character.
    5. The number corresponding to the check character is generated using the following formula:
    6. The check character is then generated from the look-up table given below.
    7. Where a TCN is not available, the field, YYSSSSSSSS, is filled with zeros and the check character generated as above.
    8. The following sentences are added to point 3.9 of the specification concerning minimum requirements and procedures to check the specific character:
    9. where YY is the year of the transaction, SSSSSSSS is an eight-digit serial number, and A is a check character generated by following the procedure given in Appendix 2.
    10. To that end, it is appropriate that Member States, when granting a de minimis aid, should inform the enterprise concerned of the de minimis character of the aid, receive full information about other de minimis aid received during the previous three years, and carefully check that the de minimis ceilings will not be exceeded by the new de minimis aid.