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to childproof
    • make safe against children
    "childproof the apartment"




    1. You might want to childproof those electrical sockets.
    2. childproof’, or ‘child resistant’, shall mean that the device cannot be disengaged by a child younger than 51 months.
    3. Specific safety requirements and test methods for childproof, consumer-mounted locking devices for windows and balcony doors
    4. Ageing against UV radiation and increased temperature, wear and tear, mechanical stability and childproof function must be subject to specific testing methods.
    5. The specific safety requirements for the consumer-mounted childproof locking devices to be met by European standards pursuant to Article 4 of Directive 2001/95/EC shall be set out in the Annex to this Decision.
    6. on the safety requirements to be met by European standards for consumer-mounted childproof locking devices for windows and balcony doors pursuant to Directive 2001/95/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council
    7. The project results showed that several of the models of locks tested could be disengaged by children, despite the childproof claim; other models collapsed, broke or did not withstand the ageing test and all models tested lacked some of the required basic instructions.
    8. Once the relevant standards are available, and provided that the Commission decides to publish their reference in the Official Journal, according to the procedure laid down in Article 4(2) of Directive 2001/95/EC, childproof consumer-mounted locking devices for windows and balcony doors should be presumed to conform to the general safety requirement of Directive 2001/95/EC, as far as the safety requirements covered by the standards are concerned.