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class period

class period
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    • a regularly scheduled session as part of a course of study




    1. What class do you have first period?
    2. where appropriate, the class fees have been paid within the prescribed period.
    3. In the migration-period between the current (pre-unified) situation (Class B) and the application of Class A, there will be a number of possible interoperability solutions that might be implemented in the framework of this TSI.
    4. If it is determined that an equipment class needs to comply with particular essential requirements under Article 3(3), any apparatus of the equipment class in question which is first placed on the market before the date of application of the Commission’s determination can continue to be placed on the market for a reasonable period to be determined by the Commission.
    5. When the allocation to an efficiency class is deemed not correct during the period of use, the resulting potential exposure to dangerous airborne particulates can seriously harm the health and safety of the user.
    6. For a specific asset class of the non-marketable assets – credit claims – an interim period until 31 December 2011 is applicable, in which a limited number of eligibility and operational criteria may diverge across the euro area (see Section 6.2.2).
    7. EN To protect groundwater/soil organisms do not apply this or any other product containing (identify active substance or class of substances, as appropriate) more than (time period or frequency to be specified).
    8. the actual value adjustments in the preceding period for each exposure class (for retail, for each of the categories as defined under point (c)(iv) and how they differ from past experience;
    9. The Commission has compared the rates stemming from the Agreement over the period 2005-2007 with the net yields of insurance products of Poste Vita SpA linked to the separately managed class I accounts (Posta Più and Posta Valore [77].
    10. Loading an instrument in class II, III or IIII for a prolonged period of time shall have a negligible influence on the indication at load or on the zero indication immediately after removal of the load.
    11. by 31 December 2010, and on the basis of a cost/benefit analysis, measures shortening the period laid down in Article 13(11), which may be differentiated according to the class or category of tyres concerned.
    12. Food business operators may place live bivalve molluscs collected from class C production areas on the market for human consumption only after relaying over a long period in accordance with Part C of this Chapter.
    13. The deferred publication of information in respect of transactions may be authorised, for a period no longer than the period specified in Table 4 in Annex II for the class of share and transaction concerned, provided that the following criteria are satisfied:
    14. At a minimum, this shall include information on estimates of losses against actual losses in each exposure class (for retail, for each of the categories as defined under point (c)(iv) over a period sufficient to allow for a meaningful assessment of the performance of the internal rating processes for each exposure class (for retail for each of the categories as defined under point (c)(iv).
    15. means a passenger ship engaged on domestic voyages in sea areas where the probability of exceeding 2,5 metres significant wave height is smaller than 10 % over a one-year period for all-year-round operation, or over a specific restricted period of the year for operation exclusively in such period (e.g. summer period operation), in the course of which it is at no time more than 15 miles from a place of refuge, nor more than 5 miles from the line of coast, where shipwrecked persons can land, corresponding to the medium tide height. ‘Class D’