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classification system

classification system
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    • a system for classifying things




    1. Classification system
    2. National classification system intercalibrated
    3. National classification system
    4. Classification system for waste facilities
    5. Structure of the classification system
    6. Harmonised classification system of compliance
    7. National classification system intercalibrated Ecological Quality Ratios
    8. The core classification system for substances consists of one acute classification category and three chronic classification categories.
    9. Results: Ecological quality ratios of the national classification system intercalibrated
    10. France does not use the classification category “DIFFUSION RESTREINTE” in its national system.
    11. In this classification system, reproductive toxicity is subdivided under two main headings:
    12. Alternatively, the Globally Harmonised System (GHS) of classification may be considered [7].
    13. The classification system for mixtures covers all classification categories which are used for substances, i.e. Acute Category 1 and Chronic Categories 1 to 4.
    14. As this classification follows the classification system foreseen in Regulation (EC) No 470/2009, the classification should also be taken account of with regard to the possibility to administer those pharmacologically active substances to food-producing animals.
    15. A system of price reporting should be established on the basis of the classification made at slaughterhouses immediately after slaughtering.