Betekenis van:
closed book

closed book
Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • ondoorgrondelijk raadsel; moeilijk te doorgronden iets
  • something that baffles understanding and cannot be explained




  1. Listen to me carefully with your book closed.
  2. She shut the book and closed her eyes.
  3. Neither the lexicon nor the pattern-book of English is closed.
  4. the amount of the aid does not exceed the residual book value of the plants to be closed, ignoring that portion of any revaluation since 1 January 2002 which exceeds the national inflation rate.
  5. Commission Decision 90/255/EEC of 10 May 1990 laying down the criteria governing entry in flock-books for pure-bred breeding sheep and goats [2], provides that breeders’ associations and organisations may decide to enter males of certain breeds, which are specified in a closed list, in an annex to the flock-book.