Betekenis van:
cocoa butter

cocoa butter
Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • vet uit cacaobonen
  • a yellow-white fat from cocoa beans


cocoa butter
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • the vegetable fat from the cacao that is extracted from chocolate liquor; the basis for white chocolate



    1. Cocoa butter
    2. cocoa butter
    3. THEOBROMA CACAO BUTTER cocoa butter
    4. Cocoa butter, fat or oil
    5. Cocoa butter; fat and oil
    6. Cocoa butter, fat and oil
    7. CPA 10.82.12: Cocoa butter, fat and oil
    8. Chocolate and chocolate products:–– of cocoa butter
    9. Chocolate flavour coating––– ight of cocoa butter
    10. cocoa butter, fat and oil (heading 1804);
    11. Containing 18 % or more by weight of cocoa butter
    12. Other, in blocks, slabs or bars:– t of cocoa butter
    13. Other, in blocks, slabs or bars:– ght of cocoa butter
    14. With added cereal, fruit or nuts–––  cocoa butter
    15. Chocolate etc. containing cocoa, blocks, slabs, bars > 2 kg, > 25 % but < 31 % cocoa butter