Betekenis van:
come into being

to come into being
    • be born or come into existence




    1. When did life come into being?
    2. When did the world come into being?
    3. With restrictions removed, thousands of new enterprises have come into being.
    4. Materials used for the construction of calf accommodation and in particular of boxes and equipment with which calves may come into contact must not be harmful to the calves and must be capable of being thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
    5. The Commission deduces from this that the abnormal and specific character of the injury undoubtedly constitutes a filter that may prevent a number of claims from being met, but that the higher the debt the less likely it is that this filter will come into play.
    6. The principle underlying this Regulation is that any material or article intended to come into contact directly or indirectly with food must be sufficiently inert to preclude substances from being transferred to food in quantities large enough to endanger human health or to bring about an unacceptable change in the composition of the food or a deterioration in its organoleptic properties.
    7. ‘In the public domain’ This means ‘technology’ or ‘software’ which has been made available without restrictions upon its further dissemination. Note: Copyright restrictions do not remove ‘technology’ or ‘software’ from being ‘in the public domain’. ML5, 19 ‘Laser’ An assembly of components which produce both spatially and temporally coherent light that is amplified by stimulated emission of radiation. ML10 ‘Lighter-than-air vehicles’ Balloons and airships that rely on hot air or on lighter-than-air gases such as helium or hydrogen for their lift. ML17 ‘Nuclear reactor’ Includes the items within or attached directly to the reactor vessel, the equipment which controls the level of power in the core, and the components which normally contain or come into direct contact with or control the primary coolant of the reactor core.