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commercial instrument

commercial instrument
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a document of or relating to commerce





    1. valid commercial pilot licence with instrument rating;
    2. Valid Commercial Pilot Licence with Instrument Rating;
    3. the importing country shall, in the notification referred to in Article 8(1), state that it will use the system to address public health problems and not as an instrument to pursue industrial or commercial policy objectives and that it will adopt the measures referred to in paragraph 4 of the Decision;
    4. A derivative contract should only be considered to be a financial instrument under Section C(7) of Annex I to Directive 2004/39/EC if it relates to a commodity and meets the criteria in this Regulation for determining whether a contract should be considered as having the characteristics of other derivative financial instruments and as not being for commercial purposes.
    5. The Commission noted that adapting in 2007 the aid instrument as proposed by Spain into a loan with zero interest would have been to the advantage of the beneficiary because in that case commercial risks would have been somewhat reduced, since sales of the engine were increasing.
    6. ‘The above provisions concerning close links do not apply to: (a) close links between the counterparty and an EEA public sector entity which has the right to levy taxes, or in the case where a debt instrument is guaranteed by an EEA public sector entity which has the right to levy taxes; (b) covered bank bonds issued in accordance with the criteria set out in Article 22(4) of the UCITS Directive; or (c) cases in which debt instruments are protected by specific legal safeguards comparable to those instruments given under (b) such as in the case of (i) non-marketable RMBDs which are not securities; or (ii) residential real estate loan-backed structured covered bank bonds or commercial mortgage loan-backed structured covered bank bonds, i.e. certain covered bank bonds not declared UCITS compliant by the European Commission, that fulfil all the criteria that apply to asset-backed securities, as set out in Sections 6.2 and 6.3 and the following additional criteria: In the case of residential real estate loan-backed structured covered bank bonds: