Betekenis van:

Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • communicatie
  • the activity of communicating; the activity of conveying information






  1. Communicating more to the point and directly would help everyone.
  2. To reduce misunderstandings we should learn the techniques for communicating successfully.
  3. You won't really be able to hear the difference between sounds that you can't distinguish by pronouncing, so even if you don't feel like communicating, pronunciation is important. Pronunciation can also be a hint for remembering how a word is spelled.
  4. Communicating with the driver
  5. Communicating further information
  6. Communicating with the STM’s.
  7. the method of communicating inspection results;
  8. Communicating further information following a hit
  9. Communicating with the driver Supporting driving.
  10. communicating whereabouts (Articles 97 and 98).
  11. A formal letter communicating the proposed derogation to the Commission.
  12. See Annex A, index 51. Communicating with the STM’s.
  13. Communicating with the Control-command On-board Assembly. This includes:
  14. See Annex A, Index 51. Communicating with the STM’s.
  15. Communicating information on a person whose identity is misused