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culture medium

culture medium
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • (bacteriology) a nutrient substance (solid or liquid) that is used to cultivate micro-organisms





    1. Culture medium
    2. Growth medium: is the complete synthetic culture medium in which test algae grow when exposed to the test substance.
    3. description of the culture methods used, in particular the selective medium/media,
    4. Direct culture on a selective medium provides a good estimate of the prevalence of Campylobacters.
    5. Direct culture of the sample shall be carried out on a selective medium suitable for Campylobacter, (i.e. modified Campylobacter blood free selective medium (CCDA); Karmali; or Preston Agar).
    6. At the end of the treatment, cells are centrifuged, washed and seeded upon an appropriate culture medium.
    7. Growth medium: is the complete synthetic culture medium in which test algae grow when exposed to the test substance. The test substance will normally be dissolved in the test medium.
    8. Prepare a smear of bacterial ooze from infected tissue or from a 48-hour culture on YPGA or SPA medium (Appendix 2) on a microscope slide.
    9. Test solutions of the chosen concentrations are usually prepared by mixing a stock solution of the test substance with growth medium and inoculum culture.
    10. Samples corresponding to 1 g of butter or 0,1 g of skimmed-milk powder or casein/caseinates are inoculated in the culture medium.
    11. Note 4: Incubation for 48 hours at a temperature of 55 °C, care should be taken to prevent the culture medium from drying out.
    12. If collected from the field, plants should be maintained in culture in the same medium as used for testing for a minimum of eight weeks prior to use.
    13. It involves a rapid screening test, isolation of the pathogen from infected vascular tissue on (selective) medium and, in case of a positive result, identification of the culture as Ralstonia solanacearum.
    14. Obvious signs of contamination by algae or other organisms will require surface sterilisation of a sub-sample of Lemna fronds, followed by transfer to fresh medium (see Appendix 2). In this eventuality, the remaining contaminated culture should be discarded.
    15. Moreover, the Commission takes the view that the notion of culture must be applied to the content and nature of the product in question, and not to the medium or its distribution per se [93].