Betekenis van:

  • nu, momenteel, op het ogenblik, tegenwoordig, thans
  • at this time or period; now
"currently they live in Connecticut"



  1. Tom is currently unemployed.
  2. What's currently hot?
  3. Tom isn't currently working anywhere.
  4. She is currently in danger.
  5. Tom isn't currently in prison.
  6. Currently, he's our best batter.
  7. It is currently -10°C.
  8. This store is currently selling vegetables.
  9. We are currently experiencing some turbulence.
  10. Tom currently lives with his uncle.
  11. They are currently attending a meeting.
  12. Our servers are currently experiencing heavy load.
  13. Tom currently doesn't have a girlfriend.
  14. My best friend is currently in Rome.
  15. What products are currently on sale?