Betekenis van:
dairy product

dairy product
Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • product bereid uit melk; producten bereid uit melk
  • milk and butter and cheese




  1. Dairy product enriched with milk peptide and magnesium
  2. In 1999, Farm Dairy was the first dairy product company to put containers like this on the market.
  3. Consequently, this measure threatens to distort competition in the milk and dairy product sector.
  4. According to Farm Dairy, the shortage of capacities is clear from the Dutch competition authorities decision of 23 December 1998 in the context of Friesland Coberco Dairy Foods taking over the De Kievit dairy product company.
  5. Ready-to-use dairy products are generally wrapped and, therefore, the possibility for subsequent contamination of the product is minimal.
  6. Any other food product, not containing any meat and less than 50 % of any other type of processed animal product, such as dairy, egg or fishery products.
  7. to establish a procedure ensuring raw milk traceability, including the necessary documentary evidence of product movements and the accountancy for dairy products and the reconciliation of compliant and non-compliant milk with the categories of dairy products produced;
  8. In 1999, Farm Dairy was the first dairy product company to put containers like this on the market. At the time, only smaller cardboard containers were available. To this end, Farm Dairy had imported a special machine from the United States to manufacture these containers. In 1999 the demand for these containers was not yet very high.
  9. any other food product not containing any fresh or processed meat or dairy and with less than 50 % of processed egg or fishery products.
  10. Given the importance of that cheese for the dairy industry, trade and milk producers involved, it is appropriate to add a product code under an ‘other cheeses’ position enabling that cheese to be classified under the export refund nomenclature.
  11. The report provided to this effect by Farm Dairy notes the innovative character of this product and seems credible insofar as it was written by an industry expert who was working for one of Farm Dairy’s competitors at the time.
  12. the expression ‘dairy spreads’ means a spreadable emulsion of the water-in-oil type, containing milkfat as the only fat in the product, with a milkfat content of 39 % or more but less than 80 % by weight.
  13. all dairy products used in the final product will either conform to the conditions of paragraph 2(a) and (b) or 3 or be made from milk obtained from animals outside the area listed in Annex I,
  14. Following an application from Elvir SAS, submitted on 30 July 2008 pursuant to Article 13(5) of Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006, the Authority was required to deliver an opinion on a health claim related to the effects of a dairy product enriched with milk peptide and magnesium on the reduction of anxiety (Question No EFSA-Q-2008-476) [2].
  15. In particular, Farm Dairy argued that the investment included a major innovative part, for two reasons: firstly, the company’s internal process is based on a ‘make-to-order’ system. This means that the raw material, the milk, is transformed within the company to a finished product, which is packed on site and loaded immediately into refrigerated lorries.