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Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • combustion that propagates through a gas or along the surface of an explosive at a rapid rate driven by the transfer of heat



    1. Can it propogate a deflagration?
    2. The deflagration density (Ddef) needed to achieve ignition during the test may also be calculated as follows:
    3. the deflagration density ≤ 300 g/m3? YES Category 2 NO NOT CLASSIFIED Danger Warning Warning Warning Figure 2.3.1(c) for foam aerosols
    4. If no ignition occurs in the ignition distance test, the enclosed space test shall be performed and in this case, the aerosol is classified as “flammable” if the time equivalent is less than or equal to 300 s/m3 or the deflagration density is less than or equal to 300 g/m3; otherwise the aerosol is classified as “non-flammable”;