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degressive tax

degressive tax
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • any tax in which the rate decreases as the amount subject to taxation increases



    1. Secondly, the Commission considered that the exemption from contribution payments granted to large electricity-consuming enterprises prima facie did not fulfil the criteria laid down in the 2001 guidelines: exempted enterprises had not undertaken to achieve environmental protection objectives [17]; such enterprises were not required to pay a significant proportion of the tax [18]; and lastly, the exemptions were not degressive within the meaning of the 2001 guidelines and their intensity was not limited to 50 % [19].
    2. Provided for in Article 121 of the programme act of 2 August 2002:‘Article 121(1) Subject to the derogations mentioned in this section, depreciation on new or second-hand ships shall be determined in accordance with Articles 61 to 64 of the Income Tax Code 1992.(2) The following depreciation percentages are allowed for new ships, co-ownership shares in new ships and shares in new ships: 20 % for the accounting year of entry into service, 15 % for each of the following two accounting years, and subsequently 10 % per accounting year until full depreciation.(3) Depreciation shortfalls during the first three accounting years, counting from that in which the ship was taken into service, are recovered during the tax periods following the one in which the shortfall occurred, even if outside the normal depreciation period in accordance with paragraph 2, provided that total annual depreciation per ship does not in any case exceed 20 % of the investment or purchase value.(4) Ships that are depreciated in accordance with the scheme provided for in this Article cannot benefit under the optional degressive depreciation scheme provided for in Article 64 of the Income Tax Code 1992.(5) Ships, co-ownership shares in ships and shares in ships that were not acquired when the ship was new may benefit from depreciation as provided for in paragraphs 1 to 4 if these ships come into the possession of a Belgian taxpayer for the first time.