Betekenis van:

Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • schuldoverdracht
  • authorizing subordinates to make certain decisions






  1. The delegating Member State and the Agency shall make that information public.
  2. The rules for delegating his powers shall be fixed in internal Agency documents.
  3. there is efficient and effective coordination between the delegating competent authority and the control body.
  4. Competent authorities delegating specific tasks to control bodies shall organise audits or inspections of control bodies as necessary.
  5. The Commission decision delegating authority to the Agency shall set out in detail all the tasks entrusted to the Agency.
  6. The delegating Member State shall inform the Commission, the Agency and all other Member States of the delegation in writing.
  7. The Commission decision delegating authority to the Agency shall set out in detail all the tasks entrusted to it.
  8. describe the arrangements in place to ensure that delegating competent authorities and control bodies meet, as applicable, the requirements of:
  9. For this purpose they shall adopt, in accordance with their rules of procedure, precise arrangements for delegating certain tasks to these working groups.
  10. According to the Rules for Participation and/or Commission Decision C(2008) 5694 of 8 October 2008 delegating powers to the ERCEA.
  11. These rules shall in particular lay down the procedures for appointing and replacing the Chairman, replacing members and the procedures for delegating certain tasks to working groups.
  12. delegating to the Deputy Secretary-General the power to issue laissez-passer to officials of the General Secretariat of the Council
  13. In this case, the Commission shall implement the joint measures centrally, either directly or indirectly, by delegating the task to Community agencies or bodies set up by the Community.
  14. In view of the experience gained and the results achieved by the International Olive Oil Council in its promotional activities, provision should, however, be made for the Community to continue delegating to it measures falling within its sphere of responsibility.
  15. If the delegating authority then gives a reasoned written instruction to the Authorising Officer by delegation to take the decision in question, the Authorising Officer shall not be held liable.