Betekenis van:

Bijvoeglijk naamwoord
    • represented graphically by sketch or design or lines




    1. He vividly depicted the confusion following the earthquake.
    2. Saints are always depicted with a halo over their heads.
    3. Aliens are often depicted with dark, almond-shaped eyes.
    4. James Bond was always depicted as a high roller in his movies.
    5. Painters and sculptors under the Nazis often depicted the nude, but they were forbidden to show any bodily imperfections.
    6. The most famous painting in the exposition depicted a starry sky with bats flying over it. It was a little sinister.
    7. as depicted in Figure 1 below:
    8. An outline of the ETCS-Net is depicted below.
    9. This overall process can be represented as depicted below:
    10. The profile of the pantograph head shall be as depicted in Figure 4.
    11. The respective evolution of VIS Mail and VISION implies a phased process as depicted below:
    12. The European stars should be depicted as on the European flag.
    13. This risk management process is iterative and is depicted in the diagram of the Appendix.
    14. Note: The number in the left hand column reflect the Serial Numbers depicted in EUROCAE document ED55
    15. Note: The number in the left hand column reflect the serial numbers depicted in EUROCAE document ED55.