Betekenis van:

Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • the act that results in something coming to be
    "the devising of plans"






    1. I don't mean to add words of my own devising.
    2. This is a plan of my own devising.
    3. As part of the process of devising the annual work programme, any institution concerned shall notify its needs in the relevant fields.
    4. It shall assist the employer in devising suitable working procedures and organisational measures according to Article 5 of Directive 98/24/EC.
    5. The guidelines are a framework for Member States in devising, implementing and monitoring national policies in the context of the overall EU strategy.
    6. This measure supports projects where young people participate actively and directly in activities of their own devising in which they play the key roles, in order to develop their initiative, enterprise and creativity.
    7. As part of the process of devising the annual work programme, any institution concerned shall notify its needs in the relevant fields. Appropriate priority shall be given in the final work programme to organising such courses.
    8. The EU SALW Strategy promotes the development of a policy for actively combating illicit network trafficking in SALW (illicit brokers and carriers) using the Union’s air, sea and land space, by devising alert and cooperation mechanisms.
    9. Drafting and preparing threat and risk analysis, under the guidance of the EU SITCEN and the Council Security Office, for the various component parts of a possible EU crisis management operation in Kosovo and devising an indicative budget (drawing on the experience of OMIK and UNMIK) for the cost of security.
    10. In these circumstances, the publication of recommended price ceilings for leased line part circuits should inform and guide NRAs as to how to apply the best current practices in leased line provision, when devising regulatory remedies for leased line markets that are not effectively competitive in their territory.
    11. When devising those targets and indicators, Member States shall take into account the continuing application of relevant existing environmental targets laid down at national, Community or international level in respect of the same waters, ensuring that these targets are mutually compatible and that relevant transboundary impacts and transboundary features are also taken into account, to the extent possible.
    12. As a follow-up to the preparatory action ‘Growth and Audiovisual: i2i Audiovisual’, encourage the search for financial partners at European level to achieve synergy between public and private investors and the devising of distribution strategies right from the production phase.
    13. Thus, by way of examples, the courses ‘Astra Cockpit Module’ and ‘Fuel and Braking Module’ will use practical steps in the assembly process as context to illustrate a set of generic skills that can improve the quality and performance of the task, such as for example line layout (devising the optimal relation between flow of material, position of machinery and movements of the worker), optimal inventory levels (understanding the need of having just the right levels of inventory) or ergonomics.