Betekenis van:
discharge lamp

discharge lamp
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a lamp that generates light by a discharge between two electrodes in a gas



    1. Discharge lamp (‘electronic’) flashlight apparatus
    2. discharge lamp with cap GX53
    3. Discharge lamp (electronic) flashlight apparatus
    4. Discharge lamp (electronic) flashlight apparatus for photographic or photogravure purposes
    5. Mercury in other low pressure discharge lamps (per lamp)
    6. Gas-discharge light sources for use in approved gas-discharge lamp units
    7. discharge lamp with colour rendering index ≥ 90 and Tc ≥ 5000 K
    8. a high pressure mercury vapour discharge lamp with a non-sealed beam reflector,
    9. high intensity discharge lamps not having lamp cap E27, E40, PGZ12.
    10. In determining the presence of a second lamp envelope, the arc tubes of high intensity discharge lamps shall not count as a lamp envelope.
    11. discharge lamp’ means a lamp in which the light is produced, directly or indirectly, by an electric discharge through a gas, a metal vapour or a mixture of several gases and vapours;
    12. ‘high intensity discharge lamp’ means an electric discharge lamp in which the light producing arc is stabilized by wall temperature and the arc has a bulb wall loading in excess of 3 watts per square centimetre;
    13. ‘fluorescent lamp’ means a discharge lamp of the low pressure mercury type in which most of the light is emitted by one or several layers of phosphors excited by the ultraviolet radiation from the discharge.
    14. The product is therefore to be classified under CN code 85393210 as a mercury vapour discharge lamp.
    15. Parts for electric filament or discharge lamps (including sealed-beam lamp units, ultraviolet or infrared lamps, arc lamps)