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Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • the act of washing dishes




    1. Let's have the one who loses at rock-paper-scissors do the dishwashing today!
    2. Dishwashing machines:
    3. Dishwashing products
    4. Dishwashing machines
    5. Dishwashing powder
    6. Of dishwashing machines
    7. Non-domestic dishwashing machines
    8. Household dishwashing machines
    9. Parts of dishwashing machines
    10. CPA 28.29.50: Dishwashing machines, of the industrial type
    11. Recommended dosage for 5 litres of dishwashing water:
    12. The product group ‘hand dishwashing detergents’ shall comprise:
    13. establishing revised ecological criteria for the award of the Community eco-label to hand dishwashing detergents
    14. Parts of dishwashing machines and of machines for cleaning, filling, packing or wrapping
    15. Cyclohex-1,3-ylenebis(methylamine), for the manufacture of dishwashing products [1]