Betekenis van:

Bijvoeglijk naamwoord
  • iedere dag
  • of or belonging to or active during the day
"diurnal animals are active during the day"
"diurnal flowers are open during the day and closed at night"


Bijvoeglijk naamwoord
    • having a daily cycle or occurring every day
    "diurnal rotation of the heavens"


    1. The net gravitational field at any point on the surface of the earth is the sum of the gravitational fields of all the masses in the universe; hence it displays diurnal and seasonal variations and variations with the phases of the moon and Jupiter; and those variations vary with latitude: if you live far from the poles, you weigh more at night.
    2. Diurnal test
    3. Diurnal loss determination.
    4. Diurnal birds of prey Accipitridae
    5. hydrocarbon mass emission for diurnal test (grams),
    6. Diurnal birds of prey Accipitridae Hawks, eagles
    7. Appendix 2 — Diurnal ambient temperature profile for the diurnal emission test
    8. Repeated diurnal heat builds to 2-gram breakthrough
    9. Diurnal birds of prey (eagles, falcons, hawks, vultures)
    10. FALCONIFORMES Diurnal birds of prey (eagles, falcons, hawks, vultures)
    11. Diurnal birds of prey (eagles, falcons, hawks, vultures) FALCONIFORMES spp.
    12. H/C is taken to be 2,33 for diurnal test losses,
    13. T =293 K ± 2 K (20° ± 2 °C) last 6 hours Diurnal test
    14. coastal sites with pronounced diurnal wind cycles of local character are not recommended.
    15. Marmosets (Callithrix spp.) are small, highly arboreal, South American diurnal non-human primates.