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Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • measuring the dose of radiation emitted by a radioactive source



    1. Dosimetry system
    2. Secondary standard dosimetry systems
    3. Other topics: national research activities in other areas (e.g. natural radiation, radioecology, protection of the environment, dosimetry, occupational exposure, risk governance, etc) will be more effectively integrated.
    4. In specifying a contiguous mass of tissue, it is recognised that this concept can be used in computational dosimetry but may present difficulties for direct physical measurements.
    5. providing further studies on electromagnetic field (EMF) as per the gaps identified by the EU Scientific Committees, relevant projects and the WHO (namely on the long-term effects of low-level exposure to EMF, including Radio Frequency IDentification — RFID) and feasibility study on alert indicators and EMF-related monitoring needs; promotion of studies on risk perception and communication best practices, support for the development of EMF dosimetry guidelines and installation guidelines for electric and mobile phone companies;