Betekenis van:

to double-check
    • check once more to be absolutely sure



    1. Let's double check.
    2. This time, I'll check, double-check and check again.
    3. I just thought I should double check.
    4. Did you double-check these figures?
    5. Double-entry check
    6. double check points with analysis of real speed and distance;
    7. Double check points methods with analysis of real speed and distance of vehicles
    8. All payment orders shall pass a double-entry check, the aim of which is to reject payment orders that have been submitted more than once by mistake.
    9. the payment message complies with the formatting rules and conditions of TARGET2-[insert CB/country reference] and passes the double-entry check described in Appendix IA to Annex V; and”
    10. These indicators may serve to double-check whether a link via natural persons not only informally but also formally translates into links between the enterprises’ business and specific operations.
    11. The receiving NCB/ECB shall check without delay all details contained in the payment order which are necessary for the appropriate credit entry to be made to the RTGS account of the receiving participant (including the unique identifier in order to avoid double crediting).