Betekenis van:

Bijvoeglijk naamwoord
    • emptied or exhausted of (as by drawing off e.g. water or other liquid)
    "a drained marsh"
    "a drained tank"
    Bijvoeglijk naamwoord
    • uitgewoond
    • drained of electric charge; discharged
    "left the lights on and came back to find the battery drained"



    Bijvoeglijk naamwoord
      • very tired




      1. They drained their glasses.
      2. All the color drained away from his face.
      3. He raised the glass to his lips and drained it at one gulp.
      4. He raised the glass to his mouth and drained it all in one shot.
      5. How many thousands who have drained the voluptuous bowl of pleasure to the dregs have been reclaimed by suffering!
      6. I kept saying "Let's stop" but she drained cup after cup of wine -- and now, as you can see, she's completely drunk.
      7. Kilogram drained net weight
      8. They are drained slightly.
      9. Quantity expressed in drained weight
      10. kg/net eda Kilogram drained net weight
      11. kg/net eda Kilogram drained net weight
      12. Other products:– by sugar (drained, glacé or crystallised):
      13. The groundwater layer(s) that Stora Enso otherwise would use are currently over-drained.
      14. for facilities that have been drained, or fallowed, a conversion period of 12 months;
      15. Add 5200 tonnes (drained net weight) in EC tariff rate quota, allocated to China