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draw a line

to draw a line
    • reasonably object (to) or set a limit (on)




    1. Draw a straight line.
    2. Draw a line here.
    3. Draw a straight line here.
    4. Draw a line from A to B.
    5. Draw a line on your paper.
    6. We have to draw a line somewhere.
    7. Draw a line on the paper.
    8. A ruler helps one to draw a straight line.
    9. The dimensions of the screw couplers and draw hooks see Annex A fig A6 shall be as shown in Annex A figures A2 and A3The coupler length measured from the inside face of the coupler bow to the draw-bar pin centre-line shall be:
    10. However, it was considered that those characteristics were not sufficient to draw a clear line distinguishing the fasteners destined for the DIY market segment, from other types of fasteners.
    11. Defining the threshold for the product concerned above B20 allowed to draw a clear dividing line and avoided confusion between the products, the markets and the various parties in the USA.
    12. Conformity assessment shall be carried out according to the requirements of EN50388:2005, clause 14.7.1. Maximum power and maximum current that is permissible to draw from the overhead contact line The installed power on a high-speed line determines the permissible power consumption of trains.