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drive line

drive line
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • mechanism that transmits power from the engine to the driving wheels of a motor vehicle




    1. to competent authorities of the Member States in which the railway undertaking or infrastructure manager operates, and where the driver is authorised to drive on at least one line of the network:
    2. Code LDV for dory operated line gears will be maintained for historical data purposes. [5] This item includes: hand and landing nets, drive-in-nets, gathering by hand with simple hand implements with or without diving equipment, poisons and explosives, trained animals, electrical fishing.
    3. PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THE CERTIFIED COPY OF COMPLEMENTARY CERTIFICATE The Community model of certified copy of a complementary certificate shall be on A4 paper, listing information numbered as in Annex II section 1 and containing the date when the driver has ceased driving trains for the RU/IM, in accordance with Articles 6(2) and 17 of Directive 2007/59/EC. The possession of a certified copy of complementary certificate provides information about competencies acquired by the driver and does not represent an authorisation to drive. The model shall be on A 4 sized paper and be limited to one page. However given the possibility that the information may require more than one line in the relevant boxes, the final certified copy may be more than one page. 3. ANTI-FORGERY MEASURES