Betekenis van:

Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • commerce conducted electronically (as on the internet)



    1. E-commerce
    2. cooperation on e-commerce issues;
    3. e-Commerce and e-Business processes
    4. e-Commerce and e-Business processes,
    5. e-commerce and e-business processes,
    6. e-commerce and e-business processes
    7. E-commerce and e-business processes
    8. 63 E-commerce, excluding mobile commerce and Internet auctions
    9. 62 Distance selling (e.g. phone, post), excluding e-commerce, mobile commerce and Internet auctions
    10. percentage of e-commerce sales resulting from orders received via websites, in the previous calendar year,
    11. Services and applications for SMEs (e-commerce, education and training, networking, etc.)
    12. heading E (Commerce and intermediaries) shall be renumbered as heading C.
    13. Examples of interactive services are electronic programme guides, news search, games or e-commerce.
    14. Finally, PP also provides IT services through its subsidiary-Postdata and e-commerce services.
    15. barriers to the use of ICT, the Internet and other electronic networks, e-commerce and e-business processes.