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early on

early on
    • during an early stage
    "early on in her career"



    1. I plan on being early.
    2. We agreed on an early start.
    3. He gambled on the war coming to an early end.
    4. Tom likes sitting on the beach in the early morning.
    5. My town is quiet on early Sunday morning.
    6. They always wake up early, even on Sundays.
    7. On Sunday, we would get up early go fishing.
    8. Tom said that he was planning on getting there early.
    9. On Sundays, we would get up early and go fishing.
    10. All the students go home early on Saturday.
    11. His early poetry draws heavily on his experience and memories of childhood.
    12. During my early teens, I was not always on the best of terms with my parents.
    13. I would rather leave early than travel on rush-hour trains.
    14. The new model is expected to be put on the market early next year.
    15. "Will they be open this early in the morning?" "They'll let me in on sight."