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electrical disturbance

electrical disturbance
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • electrical signals produced by unwanted sources (atmospherics or receiver noise or unwanted transmitters)



    1. Electrical disturbance from electrostatic discharges
    2. In addition, the VAS/AS shall be subjected to the electrical transient conducted and coupled tests described in the International Standard ISO 7637 Parts 1:1990, 2:1990 and 3:1993, as appropriate. Electrical disturbance from electrostatic discharges
    3. Provisions of national law ensuring protection against electromagnetic disturbance should be harmonised in order to guarantee the free movement of electrical and electronic apparatus without lowering justified levels of protection in the Member States.
    4. Member States are responsible for ensuring that radiocommunications, including radio broadcast reception and the amateur radio service operating in accordance with International Telecommunication Union (ITU) radio regulations, electrical supply networks and telecommunications networks, as well as equipment connected thereto, are protected against electromagnetic disturbance.